An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Maggie Danesfahani

Everything children's social care providers need to know about the new single social care inspection framework (SSCIF)


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On 1st April 2017, OFSTED introduced their new Single Social Care Inspection Framework (SSCIF). The new SSCIF will be applied to all children's social care inspections going forward including,

Children's Residential Special Schools
Children’s homes, including secure children’s homes
Independent fostering agencies
Boarding schools and residential special schools
Voluntary adoption agencies
Adoption support agencies
Residential family centres
Residential holiday schemes for disabled children
Residential provision in further education colleges.

Join us in this exclusive webinar to learn about the government's new approach to inspection and what it means for your particular home or service. 

Get exclusive compliance tips on how to use the framework to improve your Ofsted Inspection outcomes.

Maggie Danesfahani
Inspection Improvement Specialist
Rezume Care Management Consultants


Here’s What You’ll Learn on The Day

Why the government has applied a three musketeers 'all for one' approach to children's social care Ofsted inspections.
What the SSCIF means in practice for your particular service.
The pitfalls of the new process and how to avoid them. 
The way inspection outcomes will be measured and how to prepare. 
How your rating will determine the frequency of inspection.
The way in which the inspection framework judgement structure sits alongside the quality or national minimum standards for your particular service.
The specific evidence Ofsted will consider when making their inspection judgement and where to find it.